Spatial data management automation

Project " Creating Map Digital Press File Technology"


Objective of the project: To create automated technologies for updating topographic military maps at scales 1: 20,000, 1: 100,000 and 1: 250,000.


Description of the project. During the project, automated generalization technologies have been developed to save time and costs for map creation and updating. The project covers the territory of the Republic of Lithuania. The topographic maps in the WGS-84 coordinate system at scale 1: 100 000, 1: 250 000 and 6 city graphics 1:10 000, 1:20 000 digital printing files was created by using our automated generalization models (MapGEN technology).


Spatial data and maps corresponding to the Multinational Geospatial Co-Production Program (MGCP) and other requirements was generated using the developed technologies. Automated spatial data generalization models are designed so that run automatically without user intervention. The location of the source data, intermediate results and final results, different other parameters are determinable by user. ESRI's GIS technology platform is used to create data management models.

Customer. Military Mapping Center of Lithuania

2019, Sprendimas:

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