We provide large scale spatial data sets (SEDR) management for municipalities.


Purpose. During the project, spatial data of large scale topographic plans and engineering communications plans shall be converted and managed according to the established requirements.


The municipal spatial data set (SEDR) shall consist of spatial data of land surface objects managed by the municipality, buildings located in the territory of the municipality and inlets of engineering networks managed by other persons. All spatial objects have their own numerical codes describing which class of objects and sub-classes they belong to, as well as describing the unique properties of the spatial objects. The SEDR is compiled and updated using data sets of spatial objects of the municipal area at scale 1: 500-1: 2000 (before and after construction) and engineering network plans submitted to municipality for approval. The SEDR data structure requirements are set by the "Specification of the Municipal Spatial Data Set" approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania. Topographic plans and engineering communications network plans approved by the municipality is managed and integrated into the municipal spatial data set in accordance with the “Description of the Management of the Municipality Spatial Data Set”. SEDR is compiled and transmitted in ESRI formats. An updated municipal spatial data set is provided once a month to the Lithuanian Spatial Data Portal.



Customer. Municipalities

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